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The District is more than a destination - it's a lifestyle!



11/13: CJ the DJ at 10:00pm
11/14: Legendary Shack Shakers at 9:00pm
11/15: Pop Metal Mistress at 9:00pm
11/20: Daytrotter presents Communion at 7:00pm
11/21: 3 on the Tree at 9:00pm
11/22: The Brat Pack at 9:00pm

Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse
11/5-12/28: White Christmas
11/13-11/14: The Grand Tour- A George Jones Tribute

Circa '21 Speakeasy
11/14: The Manny Lopez Big Band at 6:00pm
11/15: The Blacklist at 9:00pm

11/20: The Speakeasy Trivia Night at 6:00pm
11/21: The Speakeasy Laugh Hard at 8:00pm
11/22: The Blacklist at 9:00pm

The Establishment Theatre:
11/14: ComedySportz at 7:00pm
11/14: T.G.I.Funny - Dodgeball at 9:30pm
11/14: T.G.I.Funny - Critical Hit at 9:30pm
11/15: ComedySportz at 7:00pm
11/15: Studio Series - CsZ Stands Up at 9:30pm
11/21: ComedySportz at 7:00pm